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29/10/2014 See our video clip in Youtube
Heartways has recently published the video that explains in 10 minutes the added value of our solution for cardiac rehabilitation hospitals and centres and shows a demonstration of the main outcomes implemented in the European project that funded our research.

Take time to have a look on our solution and contact us back in case you need any further details on our solution.

Access the video in TSB’s Youtube channel: HTTP://YOUTU.BE/TDYUGEHJRUA

11/09/2014 Presence of Heartways at EMBCS 2014 conference in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Heartways had a significant presence in the 6th EuropeanConference of the International Federation for Medical and BiologicalEngineering: “MBEC-2014. Towards new horizons in biomedical engineering”, heldin Dubrovnik (Croatia) from the 7th to the 11th ofSeptember, 2014.

Heartways organized a special session on “Advancedsolutions for supporting cardiac patients in rehabilitation” chaired by JuanPablo Lazaro-Ramos (TSB, Spain) and Paulo de Carvalho (Univerity of Coimbra,Portugal). The session consisted in different presentations of the relevant resultsof Heartways project:

“Opportunities for products of exercise-based cardiacrehabilitation at home”, by Juan-PabloLazaro-Ramos (TSB, Spain).

“Short-Term Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment:comparison of two combination approaches”. Diana Mendes, Simao Paredes,Teresa Rocha, Paulo Carvalho, Tania Marques, Jorge Henriques and Joao Morais(University of Coimbra, Portugal).

“Modelling system interactions for the integration ofmulti-source exercise data monitorings”. Alvaro Martinez Romero(Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain), Riccardo Serafin and Juan-PabloLazaro-Ramos (TSB, Spain).

“Middleware solution for direct database access frommicrocontrollers in wireless body area sensor networks”, Luka Celić, IgorLacković and Ratko Magjarević (University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia).

“System for assisted exercising and qualitativeexercise assessment”, Dominik Džaja, Matija Varga, Goran Šeketa, SaraŽulj, Luka Celić, Igor Lacković and Ratko Magjarević (University of Zagreb,FER, Croatia).

“ Including Assisted Exercising into NursingActivities”, Siniša Drobnjak, Tomo Stjepović, Domagoj Materni, Luka Celić,Dominik Džaja and Ratko Magjarević (SD Informatika and University of Zagreb,FER, Croatia).

Access to: Program and abstractS document.

06/06/2014 Article in EU research magazine issue June 2014

Last June 2014, “research*EU magazine” issue number 33was a special issue focused on cardiovascular related research in Europe: “TheHeartbeat of Science”. The Project Coordinator, Juan-Pablo Lazaro-Ramos,reports about the main challenges ahead in the field of exercise-based cardiacrehabilitation at home, and how Heartways proposes to solve them andcontributing to reduce in 25% the mortality from cardiovascular disease overthree years after an acute heart event.

The introduction indicates: “Patients who are found to suffer from cardiovascular diseases often havelong years of treatment ahead of them and are urged to drastically change theirlifestyle. But what is probably the most difficult part of the process is thereturn home where old habits die hard. A new technology relying on remotesensors could soon make post-CVD-event life a whole lot easier.

Access the issue at (Issue 33, June 2014).

29/04/2014 Validation in progress

In April and May 2014, the activities related to thevalidation of Heartways components have started in different locations. Differentaspects of the system are being tested as well as integrated instances.

In Spain, in Valencia, the validation is going tofocus in testing with cardiologists of Arnau de Vilanova Hospital, the overallendurance exercise subsystem focusing on the suitability of the clinicalinformation displayed by the web tool and validating the capacity of the systemto impact at patient daily lives.  TSBand UPVLC are working in order to implement a clinical trial to be extendedbeyond the boundaries of the project, in order to make possible that the finalresult is able to be exploited for medical purposes as originally planned,given that this part is considered more mature.

In Portugal, the focus is on validating the algorithmsimplemented for the assessment of the cardiovascular risk using databased fromreal patients at Leiria Pombal Hospital Centre.

In Croatia, the tests are done with the purpose ofvalidating the strength exercise system at technical level to check that isdetecting the activity correctly. In comparison to the endurance exercise thesystem is less mature and requires specific testing and calibration of thewearable sensors with accelerometers. Tests are conducted with students of theUniversity of Zagreb at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing(FER), who are considered sane enough to perform basic routines of exercises.

In Italy, FORUS performed market tests to verify theadequacy of the Heartways context in home environment putting special emphasison the involvement of both ECG and pulsioximetry (using innovative Glove) inthe overall rehabilitation process at home. Market tests will be done withdoctors of hospitals in Rome, Palermo and Naples among other cities.

15/02/2014 Meetings in Croatia

Two project meetings were held in Croatia at theFaculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, on February thisyear:

-     - Technicalmeeting (1st week of February): RTD performers and technical SMEsmet in order to finish the details of the integration of the differentsubsystems developed during the project execution. The integration focused onthe messaging system implemented in the middleware mechanisms for the exchangeof services between subsystems: Nomhad, eNursing, GOW, Patient Portal and community, Accelerometers, ECG, Pulsioximeter Glove, etc.  

      - Plenary meeting(2nd week of February): partners of the project met in order to preparethe last phase of the project, focusing the discussions on validationactivities to be held in Spain, Croatia, Portugal and Italy, and on preparingthe strategy for exploitation.

To know more on project plansfor integration contact Alvaro Martinez (Universitat de Valencia, Spain, To know more onexploitation issues contact Juan-Pablo Lazaro-Ramos (TSB, Spain,
04/11/2013 Symposium at ICHI 2013

The presence ofHeartways at IFMBE International Conference in Health Informatics (ICHI-2013)consisted in a special session on Cardiac Rehabilitation with the followingarticles and presentations:

“HeartWays solution for exercise based cardiac rehabilitation”. Juan Pablo Lazaro, TSB Tecnologias para la Salud y el Bienestar

“Cardiovascular risk prediction during cardiac rehabilitation”, Paulo de Carvalho, University of Coimbra.

“Wearable sensor for real-time monitoring of exercise routines”, Antonio Zanesco, Tracs.

“Rehabilitation monitoring and education in cardiovascular patients”, Luka Celić, University of Zagreb (Croatia).

“Health care management tools for medical professionals for prescriptions and follow-up of cardiac rehabilitation based in exercise therapies”, Alvaro Martinez, UPVLC Universitat Politecnica de Valencia.

It is possible to access to the proceedings of the conference in the following link at Springer: engineering/book/978-3-319-03004-3

28/06/2013 Presence at ICHI 2013
Heartways consortium will be actively disseminating the results achieved in November 2013 in the next IFMBE International Conference in Health Informatics to be held in Vilamoura (Portugal). The project is preparing a parallel project meeting in order to prepare the last year of the project, in special the validation phase with end users. Ratko Magjareciv (UNIZG-FER) and Paulo Carvalho (University of Coimbra) are actively preparing this conference where Heartways will have a significant visibility.
30/05/2013 Heartways is presented at “FORUM PA 2013” in Rome (Italy)
FORUS has been actively present in FORUM PA 2013 in Rome (Italy) ( with a presentation about Heartways goals and main achievements.
UNIZG-FER presented the status of the progress of an important result in WP1 in a presentation called “Wearable sensors and systems for chronic patients monitoring” in front of 250 people from academia and industry.
16/05/2013 UNIZG visits the University of Technology and Economy of Budapest
UNIZG-FER presented Heartways technologies to 30 people from the scientific community coming from this university in Budapest (Hungary).
04/04/2013 Heartways at 11th Congress of People with Diabetes (Dubrovnik, Coratia)
UNIZG-FER presented Heartways technologies in a presentation with the title“An ICT Tool to Assist Exercising of People with Diabetes”. Heartways technologies for the assessment of the performance of the exercise can be extended from Cardio vascular domain to other chronic conditions domains where exercise is also relevant, like diabetes disease.
30/12/2012 Heartways at “Dental tribune”
Publication of Heartways objectives at a Croatian publication called “Dental tribune”. Follow the article here: DENTAL TRIBUNE - HEARTWAYS PROJECT (CROATIAN).
12/11/2012 - 13/11/2012 HeartWays face-to-face Kick-off meeting
HeartWaysface-to-face Kick-off meeting held in Valencia. The whole consortium had theopportunity to meet face to face and consolidate the integration work and thearchitectural basics. It was also an opportunity to discuss how to introducethe overall system in the market, and analyse the main target interestedcustomers in the public and private health domains.
25/10/2012 Workshop "Biomedical Instrumentation - Collaboration of Academia and Industry"
Sinisa Drobnjak (SDI) and Ratko Magjarevic (UNIZG-FER) presented in Zagreb (Croatia) toan audience of 80 members of the scientific Community, industry, and policymakers from Slovenia and Croatia, the main objectives of Heartways project through a presentation called "Personalized Intelligent Mobile HealthSystem, a Project with SME".
21/09/2012 General Agreement
General Agreement signed by the EC.
03/09/2012 Consortium Agreement
HeartWays Consortium Agreement signed by all partners.