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Month 24 : September 2014

During September 2014, the project faces the last month of activity. In this month the activities started before the summer holidays produced dissemination material (video, Wikipedia page, final dissemination report).

Regarding the validation phase, D4.5 contains descriptions of the validation activities conducted during the project implementation in different sites as well as the main results and lessons learned. The ethical aspects were also managed in parallel.

In this month also project management actions are implemented in order to prepare the reporting period 2 and close the project at administrative level preparing the final review.

Deliverables released this period:

-          D4.5. Validation activities report (Confidential).

-          D4.6. Final ethical monitoring report (Confidential).

-          D5.8. Final plan for the use and dissemination of results (Confidential).

-          D5.9. Video clip (Public).

-          D5.10. Wikipedia page (Public)

-          D6.5. Final quality report (Confidential).

Month 22 to 23: July to August 2014

In the early days of this month the D5.6 marketing plan is released after the work invested in the previous months to agree and design the strategic plan for implementation. During July, the consortium also collected the aspects related to the refinement of individual exploitation opportunities, and IPR that will be released in D5.8. Report on the dissemination and use of results due in September.

D5.7 Certification plan is delivered with particular plans for the certification of the different parts individually and also a strategy to certify the overall system integrated considering the requirements of both European directives on Medical Devices and American Food and Drug Administration in the US.

In July the promotional video was started to be recorded and consolidated in order to show the main characteristics of the system as well as the opportunities the project represents for the gap of exercise based cardiac rehabilitation at home. The Wikipedia page was also started to be created following a similar structure than the video script for coherence. It will not be made public until September 2014.

Deliverables released this period:

-          D5.6. Marketing plan (Confidential).

-          D5.7. Certification plan (Confidential).

Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS9. M4.3 Validation activites finished: data recordings and conclusions are being gathered and will be reported in D4.5 and D4.6.

Month 19 to Month 21: April to June 2014

With the available results from sensors (WP1), algorithms and middleware (WP2), and the professional tools and tools for patients (WP3) the validation phase can start. Validation have been conducted in Spain (endurance exercise plan at Arnau de Vilanova), Italy (ECG, pulsioximetry glove and market tests), Portugal (Clinical trial with real datasets from patients at Leiria Pombal), Croatia (assessment of the performance exercise and eNursing integration with students).

Deliverables released this period:

-          D3.3. Final system architecture and deployment plan (Confidential).

-          D4.3. Mid-term ethical monitoring report (Confidential).

-          D4.4. Validation clearance from REC and CA (Confidential).

Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS8. M4.2. Set up of complete system at different scenarios.

Month 17 to Month 18 : February 2013 to March 2014

Early in this period final versions of sensors were released as well as the final versions of the algorithms to be tested with real data of patients in Portugal.

During this period of 2 months the activities to integrate the main results with the middleware were finalized. The meeting in Zagreb for the integration in early February contributed to the final agreements implemented until March, so in April it was possible to start with the validation phase.

In this month also the application for the ethical committees was done, so the activities can start as expected in late March or early April until the end of the project.

Deliverables released this period:

-          D1.3. Final report on sensor architecture and parameter extraction (Confidential).

-          D2.3. Final algorithms description and middleware architecture (Confidential)

Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS6. M3.2. Delivery of final system. System ready for validation.

-          MS7. M4.1. Authorizations from REC and CA obtained to start with the validation.

Month 13 to Month 16: October 2013 to January 2014

This period corresponds to the central period of executing the final integration aspects. Most of the work has concentrated in developing the enhancements on the integration middleware so it is ready to be used in the following months to proceed with the final integration.

In this period the project has had a plenary meeting in Vilamoura (Portugal) in conjunction with ICHI-2013 conference where the project had a special session for disseminating the results achieved so far.

Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS4. M2.2. Final algorithms ready for WP3. As it happened with sensors, there is a first complete version available for the algorithms ready to be used by WP3 for the integration of the results into the professional web tool. A final version will contain a refined version and will be delivered together with D2.3, due in Month 17.

Month 12: September 2013

During this month the project had the opportunity to have the first period review for the first 9 months. The consortium had the opportunity to show a prototype of the overall system partially integrated (subsystem of Endurance exercising with T-shirt, Mobile Phone app, and professional tool) and systems individually implemented as the strength exercise and eNursing; pulsioximetry glove and multi-lead ECG. Middleware was presented in a beta version given that still some details on service definition need to be defined in the next months.

The project resulted positively evaluated and received meaningful recommendations from the EC experts oriented to maximize the opportunities to arrive to the market.

The project now will enter into the phase where integration has to be finalized so it is possible to start the validation phase with realistic environments that are properly validated from an ethical point of view.

Deliverables released this period:

-          D6.4 Mid term quality report

Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS2. M1.2. Delivery of final sensors: though the deliverable is due to Month 17 (January), the need of having sensors to be integrated makes that they are delivered not in final version but enough to work with them. Final versions of sensors will be released together with the D1.3.

Month 11: August 2013
The activity during this month has been limited because of the holidays period. Partners working have concentrated in preparing the reporting material for the commission, and in continuing the work for the final prototype of hardware devices from WP1.
Month 10: July 2013
In this month the technical work continues the schedule marked in the different weekly meetings. However, during this month it is time to collect the information related to resources spent and start preparing the project review for the first period.
Month 9: June 2013

During this month there are a list of deliverables to be released. It is the end of the reporting period. From the technical point of view this month it is delivered a new version of the Monitoring Devices (pulsioximeter, ECG multilead, T-shirt, System for the evaluation of the performance of the exercise); of the Algorithms (for short-term and long term risk identification, and for stratification); of the access tools to the information.


Deliverables released this month:

-          D1.2. Description of sensor design and interchange metamodel (Confidential)

-          D2.2. Algorithms first generation description and benchmarking (Confidential)

-          D3.2. Interim system architecture and system testing (Confidential)

-          D5.4. Exploitation plan (Confidential)

-          D5.5. Interim plan for use and dissemination of results (Confidential)

-          D6.3. Conditions of access to background knowledge (Confidential)



Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS5. M3.1. First prototype for testing. A first prototype is ready for technical testing. The mean of verification is the preparation of a demonstrator during review 1 as it is planned.

Month 8. May 2013

This month has been particularly active in development, and in disseminating the project goals and the achievements reached so far: Hungary, Dublin, Peru…

This month it was expected to deliver the exploitation plan but finally it has been delayed for the next month given the need to align the work with other on-going deliverables such us D3.2.Interim system architecture, that contains the final description of the scenarios, of critical importance to establish the overall picture for exploitation and understand the whole service offer.


During this month the validation framework is being defined and as a consequence the deliverable related to the validation plan is being released.


Deliverables released this month:

-          D4.2. Validation activities and ethical issues management (Confidential).

Month 7. April 2013

At the technical level this month has been focused in consolidating the development process for every single component: Monitoring devices, algorithms and software for the access by patients and professional staff.


Some interviews with experts in the field of cardiac rehabilitation have started in different countries, especially in Italy and Spain but also in Portugal. The goal of these interviews is first to create awareness about the project intentions and secondly, to refine the different scenarios and initial assumptions of the project. The feedback received from experts from different hospital, policy makers, end users is being smoothly incorporated into the technical work.


Deliverables released this month:

-          D4.1. Standardization needs (Confidential).


Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS3. M2.1. First generation of algorithms ready for WP3.

Month 6. March 2013

Early this month a project meeting was set up in Naples (Italy). The goal of the meeting was to discuss the scenarios, define the interfaces among the different components to be integrated and the identification of the missing pieces to be developed at software integration level, and finally, the transference of knowledge from RTD performer entities to the SME participating in the project.


This month has been also active in the production of the early versions of algorithms so the other WP can start thinking in integrating them.


At non-technical level the work has been concentrated in the creation of the ethical issues and gender aspects for the project and in relation to cardiac rehabilitation.


Another important task in this month is starting to talk about the relationship between project results with previous knowledge, and about the relationship between the different project results. The idea behind is to start to discovering which are the main agreements that should occur thinking in future exploitation.


Deliverables released this month:

-          D5.3. Whitepaper on ethical issues and gender aspects (Confidential).

Month 5. February 2013

This month has been dedicated to start the implementation work and to start simple integration discussions among different systems but not from a holistic perspective. This month the work to define the different scenarios related to Cardiac Rehabilitation and how the different actors in the service provision chain work and relate with the system.

Month 4. January 2013

The new Year is bringing new power to project partners. At the technical level the project has been able to align the technical work and 3 important deliverables have been released related to the Devices, Algorithms and middleware, and finally about the management system and the access for the end users.


During this month also dissemination activities have started to occur, which means the project will start to be known step by step by the community.


Deliverables released this month:

-          D1.1. Description of sensor design and interchange metamodel (Confidential)

-          D2.1. Middleware requirements and algorithms architecture (Confidential)

-          D3.1. System requirements and methodology description (Confidential)

Month 3. December 2012

At the technical level during this month more details have been exchanged about the interfaces between the different systems, especially at the level of integration layer, the middleware. During this month it was expected the delivery of the main specifications for the Monitoring Devices for Cardiac Rehabilitation and for the Patient support and management system, but have been delayed to be aligned with the integration middleware specifications expected for the end of January.


The initial months of a project like Heartways are dedicated to provide the basic infrastructure for the project to run: policy for dissemination activities, internal management rules, the project website ( and other dissemination material like brochures, templates for deliverables, presentations…


Deliverables released this month:

-          D5.1. Project website (Public)

-          D5.2. Dissemination plan (Confidential)

-          D6.2. Quality Handbook (Confidential)


Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS10. M5.1. Project website, blog, corporate image and brochure.

Month 2. November 2012

During this month the project had the opportunity to meet face to face and to create an actual team. There were several opportunities to go in depth into the technical aspects as well as business related aspects.


One important aspect discussed and agreed during project kick-off is the implementation of several internal management processes to manage the financial reporting internally at project level. Partners agreed in preparing periodic internal reporting every 3 months and in preparing letters of acceptance of the invoicing of work implemented by the RTD performers. Appropriate templates will be implemented as agreed with partners during the kick-off meeting in Valencia.


Deliverables released this month:

-          D6.1. Consortium Agreement (Confidential)


Milestones achieved this month:

-          MS11. M6.1. Management and financial tools set up.

Month 1. October 2012
The project has started to run with a number of on-line meetings in order to start preparing the kick-off meeting. This on-line meetings have been focused in providing details about the different legacy systems that each partners have and to start discussing the internal management procedures that the project will implement.